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PsyT Ethics Meeting Jan2023

PsyT Ethics Meeting Jan2023

Dear Community,


Thank you to everyone who attended our small discussion circle about our proposed PsyT Ethics Pledge. We'll be accepting public comments until Feb 24th when we will return to commity to make changes based on your comments. After you've viewed the video please go to the google document and provide comments.


We’ve drafted this document in order to help our community understand our ethical standards as we move towards incorporating as a non-profit organization in 2023. This is a living document at this time, and we are writing to you today to ask for your input as to how we can improve it.


We invite you to read this as a set of community guidelines and help us finalize these ethical standards for our organizers and community members. 

Our pledge is aligned with these four pillars of ethical conduct (described in-depth in the document itself):


  • Integrity and integration

  • Openness and non-dogmatism

  • Harm awareness and risk reduction

  • Financial responsibility


This pledge will eventually be available on our website, and in the future we’ll be asking each attendee of every event to acknowledge these guidelines in order to continue growing our community and creating safety for all members.


If you attend PsyT events, then we encourage you to share your feedback! And we value your response greatly. Thank you for taking the time, and we hope to see you at an event soon.


Thank you,



To Comment: Please use the google editing tools to make suggestions or email us at

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