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PsyT Policies

PsyT Refund & Cancellation Policy v2022dec

General Refunds

PsyTexas does not offer refunds for services, events, or digital products, although in some instances (see below), we do offer credits that can be made towards future events/offerings.

Rescheduled & Canceled Events

From time to time, the organizers of PsyT events may need to reschedule in-person and online events for circumstances beyond our control. We will always try to reschedule the event for a similar time and location. Tickets will automatically transfer to the new date and time. Guests will have seven (7) calendar days to request a credit if the new date and time are not acceptable. Not contacting PsyT within 7 calendar days will indicate acceptance of the new terms and conditions. If PsyT needs to completely cancel an event, purchasers will be given a credit of equal amount to be used towards upcoming online events or live events. Credit cannot be split between events.

Digital Products & Memberships

No refunds are offered for digital products and/or memberships. In the event that you have difficulty downloading or using these products, it is the purchaser's responsibility to contact us to arrange alternative delivery.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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