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Intro to Trauma Integration with Mindlight

Intro to Trauma Integration with Mindlight

Join the PsyT community for a free online training in partnership with Mindlight, an organization that helps people become emotionally sovereign from the inside out. This intro event, led by Mindlight's cofounder Lillian Moore, is for practitioners and aspiring practitioners interested in learning how to safely work with intense negative emotion and trauma. While this event is focused on facilitators and practitioners, it will have tools and takeaways for anyone who is on their own journey of healing and self discovery.


For the Wellness practitioner:

If you are a coach, healer, or teacher, trauma comes up in session whether or not you have the training to work with it. Maybe it is overt and you have people experiencing triggers in session or you just know that it is there and wish you could help. This training will support you in being trauma-informed and is the first step to being able to help your clients recover from trauma safely regardless of your training background.


For the Mental Health practitioner:

If you are already working directly with trauma this training will help you gain a deeper and more integrated understanding of trauma and the body's energy system. We will cover the fundamentals of effective treatment for trauma regardless of the modality allowing you to see why what you're doing is working or why it isn’t. We will draw a distinction between results-oriented vs process-oriented approach and why that matters to our clients.


This is a free workshop to spread awareness about how we can permanently heal even the most intense experiences.


You will:

  • Learn what trauma is and how it impacts you and your clients.

  • Learn the basics of how a traumatic experience can be resolved and how the negative emotional patterns can be dissolved with them.

  • Witness and experience Mindlight's approach to trauma through group experiences and live demonstrations.


About the Speaker:

Lillian Moore co-founder and director of the Mindlight Institute, and she has been training as a healer since age 9. She on a mission to bring the latest in brain science into techniques and practices that change lives.  As an adult, she studied alternatives to psychotherapy, and psychiatry, learning and mastering a technique called Tapping or EFT, which has been proven to resolve PTSD and Depression faster than any other modality. She has held a private practice in New York and in Austin, TX, helping people resolve trauma and fulfill on their dreams for the last 12 years. She has led workshops and trainings nationally and internationally, now owns a full time practice training other practitioners in result oriented healing techniques 


Please note that this is an affiliate event produced in conjunction with PsyTexas and Mindlight.


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