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San Antonio

What We Strive to Do

We are the most recent local chapter of PsyT. We host meet and greets, integration circles, harm reduction and educational sessions, trainings, and speaker meetings in the area. Join us to help build and expand the wonderful psychedelic community in San Antonio!

Build Community

Community is an integral part of of working with psychedelics and being human. In this massive, sprawling city that is San Antonio, we seek to bring people together, forming meaningful connections and sharing stories of hope. We strive to hold safe, nonjudgmental space for all who are interested in this work. We care deeply about breaking the stigma around psychedelics and bringing people together to connect.

Image by Arthur Poulin
Image by Jen Theodore


The mere act of sharing your story can be profoundly healing. PsyT San Antonio hosts integration circles for members to come together to provide support and audience for others to process their psychedelic experiences. Through sacred space holding, we create a powerful container for process, reflection, and deep connection. Our lead organizer is an integration specialist, as well as several others in PsyT. This is an opportunity to expand your network and learn about ways to expand your integration practice.


We believe an important aspect of this work is giving back to the community. PsyT San Antonio encourages its members to get involved with hosting events, creating spaces, connecting speakers, supporting decriminalize movements, leading circles, and much more. Together, we stand a much greater chance of effecting change and creating a better world.

Image by Tim Mossholder

Check out our events!

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